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Our SUPER BONDER is a must for any type of application. It acts as a retention optimizer for lash extensions. Applied to the bonding points of the adhesive, it adds elasticity and accelerates drying to avoid potential irritation. Clients will love it! In addition to keeping their eyelash extensions in place 30% longer, they will no longer have to wait 24 hours after application to wet their eyes; a few minutes of waiting will be enough!

- Compatible with all types of adhesives
- One bottle can be used for 150 to 200 applications

Use and storage
- Apply one drop onto a microfibre brush
- Apply along the adhesive bonding points
- Let it air dry for 3 minutes
- For external use only. In case of direct contact with the inside of the eye, rinse with water.
- Store SUPER BONDER in sealed container in a cool environment that is protected from sunlight
- Shelf life once opened: 1 year

Ingredients : Ethanol, Water, Titanate, Trimethoxysilane, Sodium Gluconate