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Pick up these essential products for perfect classic and volume lash applications. These beneficial kits are ideal for technicians who would like to try new products as well as lash application instructors. Youโ€™re sure to be impressed by the quality of Goddess Products!

Classic & Volume Lashes:
2x Classic MINK Luxurious Lashes (0.15 C & CC)
1x Classic SILK Luxurious Lashes (0.15 D)
1x Volume EASY FAN Luxurious Lashes (0.05 C)
1x Volume MINK Luxurious Lashes (0.07 CC)
1x Volume SILK Luxurious Lashes (0.10 D)

Glue, Accessories & Tweezers:
1x EBONY Black Adhesive
10x Pallets For Adhesive
50x Hydrogel Eye Patches
100x Disposable Applicator Brushes
50x Lash Brushes
1x Gel Remover - GBL Free
1x ELIXIR Pretreatment
1x FLAWLESS Lash Shampoo
2x Paper Medical Tapes
1x Clear Medical Tape
1x Nichiban Tape
1x STRAIGHT Diamond Grip Isolation Tweezers
1x CURVED Diamond Grip Classic & Volume Tweezers
1x ROUND BOOT Diamond Grip Volume Tweezers