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Classic SILK Luxurious Lashes

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Our Classic SILK Luxurious lash extensions are perfect for classic lashing applications. Their thickness varies from root to tip to create an abundant look close to the eyelid. With a semi-gloss finish and deep black color, they provide an intense, dramatic look. Made from a safe, high-quality material, Classic SILK Luxurious lash extensions are lightweight, silky and keep their curl.

- Easy handling
- Product appreciated by clients
- Mixed trays available in C-CC-D (0.15)
- 20 lines per tray 8(1x), 9(2x), 10(3x), 11(4x), 12(4x), 13(3x), 14(2x), 15(1x)

Material: Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)